Sozo Prayze
© 2014-2016  Sozo Prayze  •
Psalma Mama aka Dawn Gwin
Orlando Williams, Producer
NGL Studios


The term ”Sozo” is the Greek word for salvation. It was used in the New Testament to describe the salvation of God. It is the salvation that only comes through the Name and person of Jesus Christ. It means complete deliverance from your current disposition of your mind, body, spirit and soul. "Sozo" is deliverance out of the power of darkness; from wrong thinking; bad health, poverty, and broken emotions.
Today, October 21, 2014, Henry Florczak with
George & Dawn Gwin declare the word, “Sozo” to be
the NEW style of music to the King of all generations, and through the Lord of every race, Jesus Christ: to unite all who are truly His with the Truth of His Word. Isaiah 54:11-17.